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Ana Claughton

Ana Claughton

Role: Public Relations, Documentation

Ana's theatre experience before university was confined to the role of spectator. Since her childhood years when she was living in the capital city of Lisbon, Portugal, and as an adult in Australia, theatre plays were an important and constant part of her world, both as a form of entertainment and as a mirror to her emotional life. As part of the audience she often felt like an active participant in what was unfolding on stage, by feeling deeply emotionally moved by it.

In the last three and a half years at Murdoch University, where she is completing a BA in English and Creative Arts, she has had the opportunity to write and create her own pieces of theatre as well as to be part of a production team. In Introduction to Drama she wrote a short monologue based on Shakespeare and acted it as part of a class presentation.

In Acting and Production Ana learned a bit about the technical elements of lighting and sound in stage production. She acted a small part in a short theatre piece and created a soundscape effect of rain and thunder for a theatre production. In Performance and Creative Arts she wrote and produced a multimedia piece based on postmodern performance. She also did some video work that was included in the performances of other students.

In Writing For The Stage Ana wrote a monologue and adapted it to the stage in a multimedia production with short scenes with three student actors who she directed. In Children's Theatre she performed a role that included dance and movement with a large puppet. On the production side she took photos of rehearsals and created a soundscape CD.